Adobe Programatic video for the Adobe Marketing Cloud.  It’s always nice to get the corporate clean look and feel.  We shot the interviews and most of the B-Roll.

Take a fun client and a YouTube celebrity, mix them together with some some crazy stunts, a silly script, and some really really hot weather and you’ll get an “epic” ad just in time for the summer games.

R. Lee Ermey and Team Glock take us through the 4 Rules of Gun Safety.  This is the first of eight safety videos we produced for Glock.

We had two weeks to write, produce, film and deliver this ad for G-Fuel. We’re pretty stoked with what we ended up with.

UDOT and Zero Fatalities wanted to remind you to be cautious of those who work on our roads in a creative and memorable way.  We were fortunate enough to work with Penna Powers on this ad.

Sometimes we need to get out of town for a creative retreat and create a spec ad.  We made it up to Green River Lakes in WY, and Doughnut Falls in UT to get some nice tasty fresh water made safe to drink by Sawyer filters.

2016 marks the 30th anniversary of Glock’s introduction to the US markets in 1986.  We were honored to again partner up with our friends at Craterdust to produce a heritage piece that is featured on Glock’s 30th Anneversary site: 30th.Glock.Com.

MACU came to us with an idea for their new auto loan campaign – an ode to one’s first car.  Despite how crap-tastic it was, we all loved our first car.   We developed an ad that at first seams to be a love letter to our first car, but as we grow with the main character we realize that in-fact it’s a love letter to his newborn daughter, and what it takes to protect and keep her safe.  Awe,.. cute.

The way people watch TV and video has evolved. It’s not enough to simply televise programming now you have to personalize it. Adobe Primetime part of Adobe Marketing Cloud helps deliver engaging TV experiences for viewers and subscribers. Adobe came to us to produce a video with motion graphic overlays.  Shot in San Francisco and SLC, this was a very fun project.

In January 2015 our friends at CraterDust were asked to deliver a brand video for the official GLOCK, Inc. party at SHOT Show in Las Vegas. With an approved script and storyboards, they flew to Utah. The video aimed to define GLOCK Perfection by highlighting their longstanding heritage of excellence in pistol engineering.

To some Cafe Rio’s food is pretty much a religion.  But some of the un-faithful flock scour the internet searching for Cafe Rio’s “secret” recipes.  Cafe Rio decided address it’s wayward children with a brilliant “What’s The Secret?” Campaign.  Using our library of farm fresh and kitchen footage we compiled 15 TV ads to add to their culinary gospel.

We were contracted by FantasyCon to create weekly content to promote their upcoming Con.  As part of a larger campaign we set out to make an epic 5 part micro-series for web. This is the trailer to the pilot episode.  Sadly only our pilot episode was produced, but we’re sure proud of it.