LitePanels Gemini Review

July 21, 2020

Back in April 2017 we flew down to NAB on a quest to find new and innovative lighting solutions that A.) fit our fast-paced production timelines, and B.) Looked to be fully developed and rugged enough to withstand the tortures of production. After walking the floor for most of the day we were only impressed with a few new innovations, most notably the Quasars. We had recently purchased the Arri Skypanel S60, and loved it. While walking by the Litepanels booth our Gaffer Caleb noticed the new "prototype" from LitePanels. Denver and Caleb were like moths to the flame. They immediately barraged the rep with questions about it's build, cooling, LED structure, and channel lock design. One of the biggest things we noticed is that it was about 10 pounds lighter than the SkyPanel. After about an hour long geek-out sesh we finally asked for a card and told them to contact us when they were ready to hit the market.

Well, after many sleepless nights from being riddled with excitement Denver reached out to LitePanels and asked if we could borrow one to review. LitePanels was super gracious and sent a unit to use on a few upcoming projects and we had the opportunity to put it through some real-world scenarios.

One thing that we noticed immediately is that our lighting team was choosing the (now named Gemini) over the Skypanel when given the option because of it's weight and LCD screen was easier to read.

When we finished the projects we were working on, we decided to do a quick video highlighting some of our favorite features about this lite.

We'd like to again thank LitePanels for being so approachable, accessible, and a great to work with - on top of making fantastic gear ;)

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