Now booking Virtual Stages for 2021. Virtual Production offers wide visual versatility in a safe controlled environment.


With a click of a button you switch from being in a forest to the Arctic, or even another world! Save on time and travel expenses when you shoot virtually.

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Want to shoot a night scene all day,.. or a sunrise all night? No problem! Using the UnReal Engine we can simply move the sun in our environment to any position.

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Have a real location, but access is difficult? We can scan real-life locations with a small crew, then bring that location back to life on stage. This is great for pickups after wrap!

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MYSTERYBOX is world renowned for being the industry best in 4K HDR content. When they found out The Brute Squad was already working on pursing Virtual Production they approached us about collaborating. We decided to join forces to realize this emerging tech in our local market. Together we quickly stood up the technology and brought it to local productions. We are very excited with the capabilities for this tech, and we look forward to pushing it forward with 4K HDR Netflix compliant virtual production!


Virtual Production allows a production to change locations is as easy and loading a file, getting hard to access or permit locations can now be done on a sound stage. You can freeze the time of day, change the weather, and even move mountains. The possibilities are endless.

All effect work is done in real-time, in-camera. So when you wrap, your effect shots or compete.  Save time in post, and achieve better results by getting the shots in camera!


Here's some of our favorite use-cases for this technology


Same tech, smaller scale and budget friendly. Instead of large volume we use OLED 4K HDR televisions to create a virtual photo-box size volume that extends the world to show horizon parallax, and world movement.


We can scan any environment: A public landmark that you can't access, a set before after it's dismantled, or a remote location. We'll send a small crew to film an 8K 360 Video or HDRI, then we can put the plates up on the LED Volume.


Using the UnReal Engine with nDisplay we use video game technology to render visuals on the LED Volume in realtime. The camera is motion tracked so all the movements on set or extended virtually.


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