The Brute Squad is a small but formidable production company that works with local and global brands.  Our Producers perform all aspects of production including: creative writing, budgeting, scripting, storyboarding, staging, lighting, recording audio, interviewing, shooting, directing, editing, compositing, motion graphics, and color correction.

The Brute Squad is looking for an individual who can write, direct and ultimately produce national broadcast quality, high budget productions and advertisements. This individual should be able to work long hours, lift heavy gear, travel, crack a few jokes and be quick on their feet.

This position is currently offered as a 3-month probation period that may be extended indefinitely or turn into a full-time position depending on performance and workload.

Our ideal candidate would be an established professional who has experience in all the previously listed aspects,  and is looking to join a creative team.

• Write scripts, create pitch decks and storyboard in a deadline based environment
• Direct a film crew efficiently / be an effective leader
• Produce, budget and handle logistics as needed
• Work with a production team in any capacity, as well as work solo on projects from beginning to end
• Manage Post-Production schedules, operations, as well as edit and composite if needed
• Other duties as assigned

• Creative writing and design
• Leadership skills
• Sales and account management / Interpersonal Skills
• A basic understanding of the marketing, advertising, and corporate spaces
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Experience with Adobe Creative Suite
• Ability to use web-based solutions: Google Docs, Asana, Trello, Vimeo etc.
• Knowledge of file formats and appropriate file sizes for various delivery methods required
• Collaborate with the other creative team members to get the best results
• Be open to critical feedback
• Be proactive and engaged in the entrepreneurial nature of the ever-changing creative process
• Ability to stay up-to-date with emerging technologies related to the production industry
• Ability to work well with others in a deadline driven environment
• Ability to work long hours, late hours and weekends on production days
• Ability to travel for short and long periods of time
• A valid Driver's License
• Motivated and efficient with time
• Must be able to lift 50 LBS and stand for 10+ hours
• Must be willing to keep personal politics and viewpoints outside of the office:  We work with all types of clients from Tech Companies, Firearms Manufacturers, Religious organizations, Breweries, Distilleries,  Political Candidates, Government entities, ect.  You will be expected to work on all projects as needed and leave personal politics out of the office
.• Other duties as assigned

Mandatory Application Requirements
• Directed an ad that has aired nationally on broadcast television
• Links to two separate scripts or storyboards accompanied by the finished products (written and directed by you)
• Demo Reel
• Resume
• Ability to travel immediately

$60,000 - $85,000+ annual salary depending on experience and length of employment
Paid Holidays

The Brute Squad believes the fair and equitable treatment of employees, customers, suppliers and other persons is critical to fulfilling its vision and goals.  The Brute Squad conducts its business without regard to sex, race, creed, color, religion, marital status, national origin, age, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, disability, military status, status as a veteran, or any other protected characteristic. The Brute Squad policy is to recruit, hire, train, promote, assign, transfer and terminate employees based on their own ability, achievement, experience, conduct and any other legitimate business reasons.